For an exceptional relationship love with intention

For an Exceptional Relationship, Love With Intention

Grown-up content alert! In this episode, I use explicit language to talk in depth about sexual exercises that you and your honey can experiment with. This content is not appropriate for little ears—this is grown-up content that will help you grow in the bedroom. 

Let’s face it: when two lovers have been in a committed relationship for any long term length of time, one of the first things that can fade is the passion. It’s so easy to become stuck in the rut of “Marriage Incorporated,” so how do we dig our way out? There’s no magic wand wave that can bring back the thrill, but with intentionality and the proper tools, it can absolutely be done. 

On this episode of Sex, Love, and Elephants, I’m returning to some of the questions covered in last week’s episode and doing a bit more of a deep dive on thrill and sensuality in relationships. 

Today, I’m challenging you to toast some marshmallows and enjoy a s’mores with your honey on the beach—and if you don’t live near a beach, create one! 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Reigniting the thrill in a relationship is all about creating the mind of a lover (05:26)
  • Relationships are complicated and everyone has emotional baggage (07:10)
  • Scheduling intimacy can totally change your sex life (09:00)
  • Some intimate exercise ideas if your honey is resistant to scheduling sex (13:49)
  • Today’s LoveByte (18:11)

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