The Third Key To Passion: Sensuality

The Third Key to Passion: Sensuality

You wouldn’t try to summit a mountain without a rope, carabiners, a heavy-duty pair of boots, and the proper training, right? So… why would you enter into a life-long commitment with a partner without the right tools and knowledge? Today’s show is the final episode of a four-part series on the Keys to Passion and how to be part of an exceptional couple. If you haven’t listened to the previous episodes, I encourage you to go back and listen—I know you’ll be glad you did. 

To achieve a truly exceptional relationship, a holistic approach is imperative. To be an exceptional couple, you should be open to the entire erotic spectrum. Uh-huh, suuure, Dr. Cheryl… what exactly does that mean? After years of working with real couples, I’ve learned that most people, even when faced with a veritable rainbow of sensuality, are only sticking to their tried and true favorite colors. If you’re ready to make a change to your relationship and recapture that heart-thumping, crotch-tingling, position-switching electricity that you’ve lost over the years, it’s time to focus on Sensuality. On average, 30% of the long-term relationships that come into my practice aren’t having sex at all—that shouldn’t be you and your sweetheart! 

In this episode, I talk about Sensuality, the third side of what I call the Passion Triangle. I cover why the road to recovering the magic can sometimes be a long one, the importance of engaging all five senses, and I talk about sensuality vs sexuality—and why they’re not the same. I also teach you how you can be sensual without sex, the value of swapping erotic fantasies with your sweetie, and I bust some myths involving the clitoris and the female orgasm. Sensuality is critically important to an exceptional relationship. It’s often one of the first things that fade, but with the right tools and techniques, there’s a way to get back on track. 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • If your typical encounter with your sweetie is of the “nipple, nipple, crotch, goodnight!” variety, you’re not alone—but there is more out there. (05:29)
  • A short exercise that sheds light on the simple but intense power of touch and sensuality. (07:18)
  • Sensuality isn’t all about sex, intercourse, and orgasms. It’s also foot rubs, hugs, intense kisses, snuggling, and going to bed naked. (09:25)
  • Please learn to Love. Your. Body. Dance naked, shower with your honey, reclaim your sensuality.  (12:00)
  • Tantric sex allows for a climax orgasm much, much longer than is typical… and it’s totally worth the effort to get there. (15:24)
  • Friendship + Nudity = Relationship. Couples who don’t have sexual relationships are rarely both completely content in the situation. (20:03)
  • Your weekly LoveByte. (26:43)


  • How can I spice up my sex life with my partner? Great sex is sensuous. Engage all 5 senses, leave your typical comfort zone, and explore the erotic spectrum. 
  • What if I don’t feel like having sex with my partner? If you and your partner are trying to recapture the magic after a period of disinterest, small and gentle steps are often the key. Try showering together and feeling their skin beneath the slippery soap—enjoy the sensuous connection without necessarily leading to intercourse. 
  • What is tantric sex? Tantric sex is the practice of training your orgasmic response through muscle control and eye contact. Though it may not be easy to master, it can lead to orgasms lasting three or four times longer than average. 


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