What Business Success and Love Success Have to do With Each Other?

How do you define success?
Business is going great?
Kids are thriving?
Nailing those fitness goals?
How about making the success of your love relationship your major benchmark for success?

Do you find you treat your love life with less attention than you do your work life?

And if so, what the heck is THAT all about?

Psychology research clearly shows that the main predictor of happiness is having a happy relationship. Yup. Not having a booming business or lots of cash or a ski chalet in Switzerland.

But hey, you don’t need to settle for one or the other. You can bring the special sauce of Mindful Attention to your love life AND your business life.

I had recently had a passionate conversation on the Sweet Life Podcast podcast with my friend and colleague business coach April Beach where we explored how Passion, Sex, and Intimacy in your Marriage can lead to Business Success.

Some of the topics we cover –

  • We shouldn’t split off our Sensuality, our life force, from our lives and business. In fact, taking care of your love life helps you thrive in business.
  • Sex and Spirit – How lovemaking can connect us even more deeply with our beloved
  • Tantric Orgasm and Mindful Sex
  • How can we make Monogamy hot again? We choose fidelity – but there is no reason fidelity has to be sensually dull.

Click below to listen – and learn about my epiphany on the mountain in India and why I teach Mindful Loving!

Until next time,
Dr. Cheryl