Your Love Boat Needs Maintenance – Here’s how to Spark Passion in two easy steps

What can you do when your relationship ends up on the rocks…or simply sits tied to the dock like a neglected sailboat?

A weak sailboat needs love, maintenance and TLC…and tender oiling. Just like your sweetheart.

If you can treat your relationship like a beloved hobby – you can sail smoothly through the inevitable rough patches. And – you can uncover the fun and passion you are missing.

Are you willing to commit to two key evenings a week?
To invest in your love hobby?
To make love more often and connect emotionally and fall in love all over again?

Watch this short LoveByte video to learn why you need two dates a week – one for romance, one for sex – to keep your love affair hot and connected and joyful:

Until next time,

Smooth Sailing!


Dr. Cheryl