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Drawing on the ancient wisdom of the Buddha, this sexually savvy guide will help you put the thrill back in your relationship. Using these enlivening and playful practices, you’ll rekindle the flames of passion in the bedroom–and beyond.


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“Cheryl Fraser is a cheerleader for partners to reclaim and discover a truly thrilling, sensuous connection to each other and to the beauty of life itself. With humor, relaxed ease, and playfulness, she teaches us how to channel meditative skill into passionate and playful sexual exploration, intimacy and love.”

Jack Kornfield, PhD and Trudy Goodman, PhD

“Sacred sex. Prolonged pleasure. Conscious climax. It’s all part of using your sexual bliss energy to become an awakened lover, and Cheryl Fraser—a renowned Buddhist psychologist—is your guide to transcendent sex.”

Ian Kerner, PhD, sex therapist, and author of She Comes First

“True mastery is rare and precious—and Cheryl Fraser is truly a master of her subject. Written with a wonderful combination of simplicity and thoroughness, heart and intellect, and profundity and practicality, this is a phenomenal book on intimate sensuality, and equally excellent about communication skills and mindful awareness. Wow—a wonderful book.”

Rick Hanson, PhD, author of Buddha’s Brain

Bonus Material


1. Meditation Posture
2. Mindfulness of Body
3. Mindfulness Of Breath
5. Kindness & Compassion
6. Mindful Loving Meditation
10. Bonus Track
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Buddha’s Bedroom

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