Cheryl’s approach to life and to helping others is based in her practice of mindfulness and Buddhism, which she has studied for 25 years. She is the resident teacher for Island Dharma, where she leads meditation classes and retreats. She teaches in an approachable, colourful, and humorous style, drawing extensively from Western science and psychology and applying even the more complex Dharmas to real life. She invites all of us to examine the question “How can I be happy for no reason?”

“We suffer because we resist change, and yet change is inevitable. Let go and the world opens to us. When we unhook from needing the perfect circumstances to make us feel good we can learn to be happy for no reason. It turns out happiness is an inside job”

Dharma Teacher Bio

Cheryl studies and practices in both the Tibetan Vajrayana and the Theravadan Vipassana traditions. Her root teachers are Namgyal Rinpoche, Lama Mark Webber, and Phillip Moffit. She has completed several three- and four-month silent meditation retreats and the two-year Spirit Rock dedicated practitioners program. She studies the Abhidamma, Tantra, and Mahamudra. She teaches regularly on Vancouver Island and beyond.

Spiritual Path

Ever since I was a kid I’ve been trying to figure out what makes people happy. Psychology gave some answers, but not enough. So I jumped off the tenure track and headed to India. I studied Buddhism and meditation. I gazed upon Richard Gere as he gazed upon the Dalai Lama. I was attacked by a pre-menstrual monkey on my way to the temple and almost stepped on a cobra during walking meditation. Turns out the spiritual path is freaking dangerous. But I got more answers. And now I do my best to share them. After all, our experiences are 100% Mind Made – so train your mind and your life will change.