Dr. Cheryl Fraser is an award-winning sex therapist, and a Fulbright scholar who created the Become Passion home study series and the Awakened Lover weekend intensive for couples. She has a private practice in sex and couples therapy. Personally and professionally, Dr. Cheryl has confronted the intense, joyful, and painful emotions of relationships, from I Do to divorce, and on to Mindful Loving. This human touch makes her writing, workshops, and media appearances on sex and relationships so accessible and effective.

“Love and Sex expert? Hmm. Well, ever since my first kiss, and through some epic love stories and love disasters, I’ve studied relationships from the inside and the outside. Really, I’m just a hopeless romantic who wants to know how we can create lifelong passion with our sweetheart.”

Sex Therapist Bio

Sex therapist and clinical psychologist Dr. Cheryl Fraser is a Fulbright scholar who completed her post-doctoral training at the University of California-San Francisco medical school. She conducted research on sexual behaviour and attitudes, and combatting homophobia.

Dr. Cheryl has taught college and university, and keeps a busy private practice, where she specializes in sex and couples therapy. She is a certified Gottman marriage therapist. She teaches weekend intensive “bootcamps” for couples, and her Become Passion home study program teaches couples how to create sustainable, lifelong emotional intimacy and sexual passion.

Praise for the Become Passion work

“The benefits of the Become Passion CD workshop include learning how to truly open up and receive intimacy, and how to communicate. I now carry within me more sexual self-confidence. I’ve learned to become not just a better Lover, but a better human being!” J.M. Satisfied Customer, CD Workshop

“Anyone with a beating heart should run for the Awakened Lover Weekend – because of it my partner and I made love for the first time in over a year” G.D Weekend Workshop Participant

“Cutting edge research sculpted into an experiential delight. The content and delivery is so expertly put together that even the spouse whose passion has faded can ignite again. The Become Passion work has been the best thing we have done for our relationship” S.S. Satisfied Customer, CD Workshop

“Dr. Cheryl can get you to the “AHA” moment faster than you ever thought possible. She digs in and gets right to the core. Her Become Passion workshop provides a template to navigate through relationship roadblocks.” A.H. Satisfied Customer, CD Workshop

“A great exploration of the psychology, spirituality and physicality of the sensual. We learned a powerful tool for forgiveness and reinforced the strengths in our marriage, in a lively, down to earth, compassionate and entertaining program” B.W. Weekend Workshop Participant