It's time to start scheduling sex

It’s Time to Start Scheduling Sex

Try as we might, every relationship gets stuck in lazy patterns—Yes, even mine. Relationships are a hard gig and it can be incredibly easy to grow complacent, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be stuck without romance or sensuality in your life.

Welcome to episode 93 of Sex, Love, and ElephantsDuring my 2023 Relationship Reboot, I’m giving you real, actionable steps you can take to improve your relationship with your mate. Today, your homework assignment is to learn to schedule sex with your honey. 

Tune in today and hear the final episode of my 2023 Relationship Reboot. This past six weeks, I’ve given you a number of challenges to complete with your sweetheart—I want you to take everything you’ve learned and make sure you put it to good use. 

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In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • There’s still hope! You can always reboot your sexual relationship (03:57)
  • If you’re in a sexless relationship, you are normal (05:47)
  • Sexuality is a powerful, beautiful part of being alive. Sharing it with someone is one of the most sacred things we can do with our bodies  (08:48)
  • Scheduling sex isn’t romantic—but it will give your sex life a boost (11:05)
  • The majority of long term couples start making love from a place of sexual neutrality (14:38)


  • How can my partner and I boost our non-existant sex life? Try scheduling sex. It may not sound romantic, but having scheduled sex can help create desire where it wasn’t before. 

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