Revive a Dying Relationship With the Three Keys to Passion

If you find yourself laying in bed at night next to your snoring sweetheart wondering “Where has the Passion gone?” you are not alone. The good news? Once you know the Three Keys to Passion you can recapture the magic and put the pep back into your sex life. Because great relationships are not an accident. 

So, if you find yourself looking at other couples with envy and longing for something different in your relationship, You Are Normal. Heck, perhaps you even daydream about some 50 Shades of Grey style excitement to liven things up… 

Today, I teach you the Three Keys to Passion. Maybe you’ve got a good relationship, you’re getting along well, but lately, you’ve noticed that the sex and romance have faded. You wonder, “Who is this person, and where the heck all the fire has gone?!” Well, I’m happy to tell you, you’re in the right place.  

In this episode, I explain why most couples don’t do what it takes to create long-term passion, romance, and love—not because they’re lazy or masochistic, but because they don’t have the tools they need. I explain why you must avoid the dreaded Marriage, Inc (AKA how not to run your relationship like a corporation), what to do when the obsession with your lover wanes, and how intimacy, thrill, and sensuality all play equal parts in bringing the passion back to your relationship.

Here’s the thing, this isn’t some dopey article in a women’s magazine offering shallow, quick tips for the bedroom. I’m focused on science-based techniques and proven couples therapy lessons that actually work in the long term. So, if you’re ready to get down and dirty and fall back in love and lust with the one you’re already with, listen in today. 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Our early crushes lay down a template for what we believe love can be—but it turns out I’m not married to Shaun Cassidy. (06:55)
  • When we find ourselves longing for what we don’t have, we forget to look at what’s standing right in front of us. (08:54)
  • Most couples will never do what it takes to create long-lasting passion because most couples don’t know how. (11:38)
  • The Three Keys to Passion: Intimacy, Thrill, and Sensuality. (15:51)
  • Eroticism isn’t just about genitals—it can be as simple as admiring the curve of your lover’s eyebrow. (23:31)
  • Your weekly LoveByte. (29:15)


  • How can I bring the passion back to my relationship? You have to learn and practice the Three Keys to Passion: intimacy, thrill, and sensuality.
  • How can my partner and I become more connected? In order to master intimacy and emotional connection, you have got to learn to fight fair. Successful conflict management is key to closeness. 
  • Why do I get butterflies at the beginning of a romantic relationship? There is a biochemical and hormonal reaction in our bodies when we first fall in love with a new partner.  But if you want to maintain that feeling long term, you need the Three Keys to Passion

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