Sarcasm: Playful Banter Or Verbal Cruelty?

Sarcasm: Playful Banter or Verbal Cruelty?

If you’re like me, your most sarcastic remarks were never made with the intention to cause harm. You’re simply a linguist with an eye for irony and a secret belief you should really be a comedian, right?  Well, although that could very well be the case… Do you know the line between comedy and cruelty? It’s important we remember that wielding the sword of sarcasm requires dexterity, spacial awareness, and most of all, care. We don’t want to accidentally cut someone because we were playing fast and loose with our words…But as perfectly imperfect beings, we have a tendency to do this all the time, especially with our partners.

Would you talk to your most treasured friend the way you talk to your partner? Would you be so quick to criticize your friends the way you might criticize your partner? When we start speaking to our spouse the way we would a dear friend, we find out how important platonic intimacy is to sustaining a thriving connection. 

In today’s episode of Sex, Love, and Elephants, I invite you and your beloved to reconnect by celebrating National Refreshment Day and National Friendship Day. I am also beyond excited to be answering the first of your most burning and frequently asked questions. 

Tune in to find out why we need to work harder to treat our spouses more like a friend and how I answer Carol’s question: How do I handle one-sided sarcasm?

In This Episode, You Will Learn: 

I challenge you this Thursday, July 27 to have an ice-cold refreshment with your honey (2:49) 

Your second challenge this Sunday, July 30 is to show your partner and close friends how much you cherish their friendship (6:54) 

My answer to Carol’s question: How do I handle one-sided sarcasm?  (10:24) 

The difference between gentle fun sarcasm and contempt disguised as sarcasm (17:00)

The first step to cleaning up your verbal exchanges is by extending genuine apologies (20:44) 

This week’s LoveByte (21:55)

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