Sensuality, Arousal, and Why You Should Never Say I’m Not In The Mood Ever Again

Do you feel like everyone is getting laid but you? Or like if you just knew how to do that thing, you would be able to keep your partner engaged in hot and sexy time? Maybe your partner can’t seem to keep their hands off of you but you secretly find this exhausting or even overwhelming…

Well, your secret is safe with me but I must remind you that navigating how we approach the expression of our sexual energy is a journey that is unique to every individual. Regardless of how society may make it seem, there is no universal blueprint (surprise!). One thing is for sure though, it’s nearly impossible to get in the mood, let alone stay in the mood when we are constantly on different pages with our partners because of mismatched desires around sensuality and expressions of sexuality.  

In today’s episode, I invite you and your sweetie to reconnect by celebrating National Bowling Day and National Book Lovers Day. I go on to unpack the complicated topic of Sensuality as the third side of the Passion Triangle as I continue to answer your most frequently asked love and sex questions.  

Find out how you can rediscover the sacred delight of basking in your own magnetic Sensuality and listen in to hear my answers to Deandra and Dr. T’s questions: “I have a high sex drive that often leaves me disappointed because of my husband’s avoidance of sex and erection difficulty – What do I do?” and “How do I work through my ambivalent feelings around sex with my husband because of sexual trauma from a past relationship?” 

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