Treat Your Sex Life Like A Hobby

Treat Your Sex Life Like a Hobby: Why You Need to Start Scheduling Intimacy

“Dr. Cheryl… Our sex life is so boring! How can we bring fun and sexiness back to the bedroom?” Today marks part 7 of my Summer of Love couples Q&A series, where I’ve been answering real questions from listeners just like you all summer long. Summer may be almost over, but my Q&A is just heating up. I’m telling you about my 3 predictors of a great relationship and sharing some really dire stats on the sex lives of the average North Americans—that you DON’T have to fall into!

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In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • “Nipple, nipple, crotch, good-night” sex is totally common… and totally boring (05:10)
  • The three keys to a great relationship: intimacy, communication, conflict resolution (07:37)
  • We all want sex to be spontaneous… but scheduling intimacy is one of the major keys to getting your spark back (10:17)
  • The majority of long term couples make love from a place of sexual neutrality—and it’s actually very sexy! (15:30)
  • Waiting around for spontaneous desire is kind of like waiting around for your teenager to spontaneously offer to clean out the garage (18:04)
  • This week’s LoveByte (28:45)


My sex life with my partner has become so boring. How can we bring back the spark? Stop being a lazy, complacent lover and start scheduling sex in order to reclaim your intimacy and bring back the spark. Learn more about reigniting that lost flame with my Become Passion- Create Love That Lasts a Lifetime course.

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