Watch Your Mouth! Can Verbal Abuse Be Overcome?

Watch Your Mouth! Can Verbal Abuse Be Overcome?

“Dr. Cheryl…Should I break up with my verbally abusive partner?” Welcome back to the third installment in my Summer of Love couples Q&A series. Today, I’m sharing my advice for those of you that are wondering if verbal abuse in a relationship can ever be overcome . 

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In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How to identify verbal abuse (4:34)
  • The importance of taking a time out when you’re flooded (11:57)
  • An example of a non-verbally abusive, highly emotional person (16:39)
  • That there are countless ways to learn how to fight fair, apologize, and forgive (24:46)
  • If you should break up with your verbally abusive partner (27:50)
  • This week’s LoveByte (30:39)


  • My partner and I fall into verbally abusive patterns, can we overcome this? It is really difficult to be able to control ourselves when we are highly emotional, so taking a time out will be the greatest help to rehabilitating the pattern in addition to becoming more skillful at speaking during these moments. If you’re having issues like these, check out my Become Passion- Create Love That Lasts a Lifetime course. 
  • Should I break up with my verbally abusive partner? If your partner is unwilling to do the work and get help to address their verbally abusive tendencies, then yes, you should break up with them. 

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