Biggest Predictor of Happiness? Having a Great Love Relationship.

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Tony Vlahos of ExecuNet. We shared a spirited conversation about what to do when our busy, hectic lives get in the way of our romantic relationship. He asked me how to apply the teachings of Buddha’s Bedroom to stressed out executives. Some topics we cover –

What principles do career success and love success share in common?

What does research show us about the impact of relationship happiness – versus career success – on our overall well being?

Happiness is an inside job – when we are upset with our mate, we are upset with our mind

When we’ve neglected our love affair, is it too late to fall in love again?

The Passion Triangle – What are the three keys to passion?

How can we turn “Marriage Incorporated” into an erotic, playful relationship – like in the old days

How you can use your mind to change “nipple nipple crotch goodnight” to a more passionate, aroused, creative sexual encounter.

Why you should make your relationship a hobby – because Passion is a Choice

What is the special sauce that makes touch feel exquisite?

Watch the full interview here: