Can you ever fix relationship resentment? 😡 (overcoming anger)


As promised, this fall I am bringing you some profound new content to help you FALL back into love – and like – again

Anger and Resentment will poison your relationship unless you do this (watch the video now)

In this video, I tell you how unresolved resentment can end your relationship – and what you need to do:

Some of what I cover –

Did the headline of this video catch your interest? Did you think “oh no, that’s us – we have so much resentment…” If so, let me help…before it is too late

First, the good news – I’ve worked with couples who have huge betrayals in their past – but they’ve done the work to heal from the pain

How the antidote to resentment is forgiveness – and what you can do to begin

A story of one couple – J&E from my Become Passion program who conquered a pattern of verbal abuse and learned to prevent destructive arguments

A tip – there is no quick fix to relationship pain BUT you too can create massive positive change – just like J&E did…

How my online free couples workshop can help couples on the edge of divorce begin the process of healing from the past – in a series of steps and building blocks that lead to results

And more…

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