Can you ever fix relationship resentment? 😡 (overcoming anger)


As promised, this fall I am bringing you some profound new content to help you FALL back into love – and like – again

Anger and Resentment will poison your relationship unless you do this (watch the video now)

In this video, I tell you how unresolved resentment can end your relationship – and what you need to do:

Some of what I cover –

Are you thinking “oh no, that’s us – we have so much resentment…” If so, let me help…before it is too late

You simply MUST learn how to talk about the tough stuff, stop ugly fighting, and heal old wounds if you have any chance of moving forward to a healthy relationship again

A story of one couple – J&E from my Become Passion program who conquered a pattern of verbal abuse and learned to prevent destructive arguments…and then moved to Portugal to live their dream life

Dr Cheryl Truth bomb? – there is no quick fix to relationship pain BUT you too can create massive positive change – just like J&E did…if you learn the steps and do the relationship work

How my online free couples workshop helps couples in trouble, and couples who are starting to see trouble, begin the process of healing from the past – in a series of steps and building blocks that lead to results

And more…

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