How To Avoid A Divorce! (Kill The Soulmate Myth & Save Your Relationship)

In today’s video, I talk about How to avoid the Midlife Divorce pandemic

Some of what I cover –

✔️ Why we are seeing a big increase in midlife divorce (can you say Bill and Melinda Gates?)

✔️ Why the freaking Soulmate MYTH is damaging to REAL relationships

✔️ C’mon, we all wonder, now and then, “Am I with the wrong person?” In this video I tell you why that thought can destroy you…

✔️ I tell you about one couple from my immersion couples program – the wife wanted to leave, he wanted her to stay – and how I challenged them (and all of you) to choose

  1. Stay with the way you are (miserable)
  2. Divorce
  3. or Stay and Renovate your Relationship

✔️ Action Step? Kill the Soulmate and keep learning what predicts great relationships – and then do what it takes

Watch the full video here:

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-Ken and Suzzane, Become Passion Alumni