Lost That Loving Feeling? Re-Ignite Passion In Three Simple Steps

Who wants Passion that lasts a lifetime?

We all do.

After you fall in love, if you want to stay in love, cultivate the 3 Keys to Passion.

Dr. Cheryl Fraser

Intimacy, Thrill, and Sensuality make up the Passion Triangle.

These three keys to passion are the qualities you want to re-energize when the passion starts to flag.

In a recent video for “Sanity Snack” I spoke about how we can:

  • boost our intimate, emotional connection
  • create Thrill and Excitement and make what has become old new again
  • spark sensual connection from gentle lovemaking to hot crazy lusty sex – with a weekly sex date

Watch this video to learn why passion fades, and what you can do about it:

Or read the full article here: 


Until next time,

Dr. Cheryl