Tantric Meditation & Orgasmic Bliss

I am sometimes called a Buddhist Sex Therapist. Now, that is a pretty unique job title. So, what does it mean? 

I teach Mindful Loving – I bring together the wisdom of meditation and the science of couples therapy. Why add the teachings of mindfulness? Because they work. Love, passion, joy, and sexual bliss are all based in paying attention.

if you are not paying attention, you are not fully living. Likely, you crawl out of bed, “do” your morning routine, then head out the door to work and errands and lunch and meetings, and then you arrive at home. Your spouse greets you warmly. You eat and talk about your day; you watch some TV; you go to bed. Was it an enlightened day? Did you really live it? Were you present, interested, curious, and aware? How many things did you miss today because you forgot to pay close attention? Whether you are stuck on a bus on your commute gazing at the ocean in rapture or listening closely to what your spouse is saying, loving concentration is about living and loving with focus and fullness—squeezing everything out of this one simple moment in time.

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