The Greatest Gift You Can Give Is The Gift Of Presence

Sometimes despite all the best intentions in the world we don’t quite get the job done…

This is a great metaphor for what really happens when we want to do something (and we mean to do something) and we accidentally let it go by the way side.

In today’s Video LoveByte I’m going to share with you a little about why the best thing you can do for your relationship in 2019 is to make love intentional.

Remember: Passion is a choice. You don’t get a good relationship by luck…

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Watch this video to learn more:

Can you show up eyeball to eyeball and love the person you’re with?

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If you want Passion, it takes Intention
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Thank you so much for your support of Mindful Loving and most importantly for your interest in creating an exceptional Love relationship.

The world needs more love, it needs more connection, and it all begins at home with you and your sweetheart and I hope I’m able to help you.

Until next time,

Dr. Cheryl