What can you do if you are not “In Love” with your partner anymore?

What can you do if you are not “In Love” with your partner anymore? There are Three Keys to Passion – Start Practicing Today

“I love my partner…
but i’m not in love anymore”

It’s hard to stay in love. It takes some effort. But you can renew and refresh your romantic and sexual life by practicing the passion triangle.

What should you do if you are not “in love” with your partner anymore?

Well, let’s start with what NOT to do.

Don’t – Give up on your relationship just because the Thrill is gone
Don’t – have an affair (relationship boredom is the #1 reason for affairs)
Don’t – wait around for some random moment when you hope you will fall in love again

So… what CAN you DO?

Reassure yourself that most long term relationships hit a phase I call “Marriage Incorporated” – you know, you are running your love affair like a business, and it’s all work and little play.

But you can change that – and fall in love again.

In today’s video I teach you the Passion Triangle.

These are the three keys to Passion – Intimacy, Thrill, and Sensuality.

Intimacy is the connection, emotional closeness, and friendship great couples have

Thrill is the excitement, tingle, and “in love” feeling

Sensuality is everything erotic, from hot crazy sex to gentle kisses to foot rubs and cuddles

Watch this video to learn more about how you can stimulate Emotional Intimacy, Excitement and Thrill, and Sizzling Sensuality:

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