Why Vacations lead to Great Sex, Fun, and Attraction (and how to bring that mojo home with you)

When I am on vacation, I am a much better person. I laugh more, I sleep better, I want to explore everything, and you bet I have more sex drive and more time to indulge erotic delights.

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In today’s video, I tell you why you and your sweetheart fall in love when you leave town…and how you can bring that mojo to your work-a-day life.

On vacation, you have more time. You see things new, because you are away from your routine. You may have more desire and arousal and make love more…yup, a vacation can make you horny. Plus, doing exciting things makes you feel more attracted to your partner.

Want to know how to bring vacation fun and sex home with you?

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Don’t let routine kill your passion. Make every day a vacation.
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Dr. Cheryl

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