Why you need to Plan for Passion if you want a great Love Relationship

One of the main pain points couples have in their relationship is – not feeling Passion anymore.

But you can make your relationship more fun, sexy and passionate in 2019 – if you Plan for Passion.

In today’s Video Love Byte I tell you what you can do – starting today – to recharge your romantic and sexual life.

Make Love and Sex your Hobby, and fall in love all over again with the one you are with.

For more information on creating your own Passion Plan, click the links below for a more in-depth video teaching and to download a PDF Passion Plan. Print it, discuss it with your mate, fill it in, and stick it on the bedroom wall.

In-depth teaching on Creating Your Passion Plan:

Downloadable Passion Plan PDF:

Then, take action.

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If you want Passion, it takes Intention. And that’s what this new book is all about – creating Intimacy, Thrill, and Sensuality that last a lifetime. Not by accident. But because you set Intentions and take action.

Until next time,

-Dr. Cheryl