Find Passion and Intimacy through Mindfulness

In a recent interview with Women’s Radio Speak Up! I had the opportunity to teach on how to re-ignite the passion we think we have lost and how to fall in love all over again with the one we are with because it turns out that great love – and sex – are all in our head!

Topic Questions Covered Include: 

Passion can last a lifetime. What are the three keys to passion, and how can we keep passion alive?

The book, Buddha’s Bedroom, applies mindfulness, meditation, and Buddhist philosophy to love and sexuality. Why did I want to combine couples therapy and mindfulness?

What is Loving View, and how can it help you fall in love all over again?

Are most women satisfied with their sexual and romantic lives? If not, what gets in the way of relationship happiness?

What is the one piece of Love advice you would give every woman?

Listen to the full interview via Women’s Radio here.