Interview with Michelle Skeen (Relationships 2.0)

I had the pleasure of appearing on Michelle Skeen’s radio show and podcast Relationships 2.0. We had an in depth conversation about Buddha’s Bedroom – and my personal journey. What brought me to do the work of Mindful Loving? I was unhappy in love, and I wanted to know how to make love last for ever. How do the teachings of Buddhism help in love and sex? In this far-reaching conversation, Michelle and I talk about how to know when you should leave your relationship, how to date wisely, and of course, how to bring new passion to the relationship you are in. And how, as I sat in India, split between watching the Dalai Lama and lusting after Richard Gere (who was sitting right in front of me), I realized that love and awakening are both possible. We also talk about – if you are mismatched sexually with your partner, can you ever spark great sex between you? And – is there a perfect person waiting for us?

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