How Can You Maintain Passion In A Long-Term Relationship?

The honeymoon phase ends – then what? you can maintain passion. Cultivate Thrill, Intimacy and Sensuality…and play with taboo.

The number one difficulty long term couples have is simple – how can we keep things exciting, both in and out of the bedroom?

I had recently had a passionate conversation on the Sexology podcast with Dr. Moali where we explored this very question.

Some of the topics we covered –

  • Is it possible to keep passion alive in a long term relationship?
  • The three steps for keeping passion alive
  • Why scheduling sex is an important tool to use
  • Why the “honeymoon” period ends and what to do afterwards
  • How to resolve conflicts in a healthy way
  • Approaching your partner with sexual ideas that might be considered taboo

Click below to listen – and learn why what I call “Dark Sensual Energy” – exploring your fantasies and taboos – can bring you much closer to your mate both in and out of the bedroom.

Until next time,
Dr. Cheryl