How To Fight Fair

“If you’re human and in love. Conflict is inevitable. But while some conflict will break you up, some can actually bring you together.”

In today’s video, I want to expand on our last topic (Do Healthy Couples Argue?) which you can watch here:

I’m going to talk to you today about what you should do when things start to get heated in your relationship (and it’s not in the bedroom). 

When you start talking to your loved one about something painful, difficult, or scary. You’re going to upset your body. 

You’re going to get flooded with fight or flight responses which makes it pretty tough to have a civilized conversation with your sweetie.

Hey. We’re all human and we’ve all been there. 

In this video,​ I want to tackle the above and show you a few different ways you can get through those heated moments. Bringing you and your partner closer together than ever before. Creating Passion and Love that lasts a lifetime.

Watch the video and learn to Fight Fair: