Love is a Choice – plus, what are the top 5 love and sex problems?

“I’m a hopeless romantic… but I know love relationships are freaking difficult so remember, love is a choice. And love problems have solutions.”

Dr. Cheryl Fraser

Yesterday, a patient asked me a very intelligent question.

“Dr. Cheryl, what IS love? How do I know if my partner is The One?”

I applaud anyone who asks that question, because they are willing to examine relationship. What makes some couples great, and why do other couples fail?

In today’s video, I am introducing my new five-video series, where I tackle the top five love and sex problems regular couples – yup, couples just like you – bring to my therapy office.

But first, I answer my patients question.

What is Love?

Love is a choice.

And there is no one type of Love.

There is Passionate Love.

Companion Love.

Sexual Love.

Supportive Love.

Hot and Kinky Love.

Sweet and Trusting Love.

But ultimately, Love is a Choice.

A choice to stay through the bad times, until we make the effort to reconnect and fall in love again. A choice to make our relationship a priority. To Become Passion – and to Create Love that Lasts a Lifetime.

So watch this introduction and stay tuned for the next 5 videos – where I will help you solve the biggest threats to your love happiness – one problem at a time.

Watch this video to learn what Love is, and what you can do to keep Love Alive:

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