Expecting A Soulmate Will Wreck Your Relationship – The First Of The Top 5 Love & Sex Problems!

First of the top five love and sex problems? Unrealistic expectations.

You need to Kill the soulmate to save your relationship.

Here’s a simple tool to show you how… The Top Ten List.

Welcome to the first video in this 5 video series, where I will teach you the top five love and sex problems and how you can solve them.

Love Problem Number One?

The soulmate myth. You absolutely must quit believing there is a perfect person out there who will make you happier than your mate does.

The soulmate doesn’t exist! He or she lives in the enchanted forest, next to the unicorn and the gnome… and Shaun Cassidy (who I was sure was my soulmate. Spoiler – turns out he’s not).

Look, we all want to be happy ever after. I get it. But until you let go of unfair expectations you will be unhappy with the imperfect but glorious person you are with.

I’m going to share the tool you need to help you kill the soulmate and fall in love with the one you are with. Seriously – this technique can help ignite love, passion, and happiness. And you want that, don’t you?

Watch this quick video to learn how to create a Lover List, and why you will never get everything you want in a mate… and why that is absolutely okay.


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