Conflict & Always Thinking You Are Right – The Second Of The Top 5 Love & Sex Problems!

The second of the top five love and sex problems?

“We don’t know how to handle conflict.”

So…would you rather be happy or right?

Learn how to see your sweetheart’s perspective…

Welcome to the second video in this 5 video series, where I will teach you the top five love and sex problems and how you can solve them.

Love Problem Number Two?

Conflict. Arguments. Frustration. Not feeling understood.

I see so many couples who feel stuck in the same repeating arguments.

Does this sound familiar? You know you are right. You dig in your heels. You try to convince your partner. It feels like he or she is not listening to you. It’s hurtful, frustrating, and even scary. How can we be so different?

Ah. But you ARE different. You have different ideas, needs, and perspectives. But those differences don’t have to tear you apart. In fact, those differences can make life interesting, and love passionate.

Instead of fighting to be right, how about trying to understand your sweetie’s Point Of View? And helping them understand yours?

Watch this quick video and learn the tool I use over and over in my couples therapy office to turn Conflict into Collaboration. Cuz I know you’d rather be Happy than Right.

Watch the video and stay tuned for the next Love Byte video – where I tackle love problem number 3 – Commitment. Are you fully in? Or partly out?

Thanks for watching!

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