Commitment versus Doubt – The Third of the Top 5 love and sex problems!

Third of the top five love and sex problems? fuzzy commitment.

Are you 100% “in” your relationship right now? Or do you doubt?

Perhaps you struggle with FOMO (fear of missing out!).

I challenge you to commit 100%, one day at a time.

Welcome to the third video in this 5 video series, where I teach you the top five love and sex problems and how you can solve them.

Love Problem Number Three?

The demon of doubt.

Do you think about leaving your partner?
Do you convince yourself you deserve better, or that you’d be happier somewhere else with someone else?

Let’s face it – we all do this, at least some of the time.

Love is difficult. And in this age of social media, sexting, and hook-up apps it can seem as though everyone is having more fun, more romance, and more sex than you. (PS – They’re not).

So how can you renew your deep, profound, unshakeable commitment to your mate?
Be like my dog (and every dog).

Choose to love your person, no matter what.

No matter if they come home late, smell bad, or have a grumpy day – you just love them. Heck, you even wait outside the bathroom door just to see them when they emerge.

For the next month, here is your relationship saving tool.

Every Day, for the next month, Commit to your Sweetheart 100 percent. Choose them, One Day at a Time.

I know you can do this. Devote 5 minutes a day to No Matter What.

Watch this quick video and learn the tool I use over and over in my couples therapy office to turn wishy-washy to 100% committed to this person here and now. Do this and you can be as loyal as my dog.

Stay tuned for the next Video LoveByte – where I tackle love problem number 4 – You want to have sex way more often than your partner does!

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