Sex Drive Differences – The Fourth of the Top 5 love and sex problems!

Fourth of the top five love and sex problems?
(and the most frequent reasons couples go for sex therapy!)

“I want sex more often than my partner does”

Here’s how you can re-ignite the flames…

Welcome to the fourth video in this 5 video series, where I teach you the Top Five Love and Sex problems and how you can solve them.

Love Problem Number Four?

Sex Drive Differences.

In the beginning, you had more sex, and perhaps better sex. Or perhaps you two have never really had a lot of passion.

I have good news for you.

Sex Drive Differences don’t have to ruin your sex life.

Watch this video and learn how to never say “I’m Not in the Mood”
ever again.

Instead of rejecting a sensual invitation, what might happen if you say “Not right now Babe, but ask me later?”

In this short teaching, I also cover the number one sex drive killer for men, and the number one sex drive killer for women.

Hint – These happen in small ways throughout the day, but they can destroy the fun in the bedroom!

Stay tuned for the next Love Byte video – where I tackle love problem number 5 – Dark, Lusty, Taboo Sexual Desires and Fantasies – and what to do with them!

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