One Simple Step to Make Your Mate More Attractive

“I love them… but I’m not IN love with them anymore…”

Here’s one way to increase your attraction to your mate – GUARANTEED – The Psychology experiment that shows you how to increase desire for your sweetie!

Today, I’m talking about The Secret to Arousal and Attraction

Want to feel excited about your mate again?

Walk over a suspension bridge.


Research shows that when we do something exciting – we interpret that arousal as attraction.

Uh huh. For real.

Watch the video and learn about Creating Arousal.

In this video, I explain:

One simple step to make your partner more attractive
how your physical state affects romantic attractions
How you can re-capture that “in love’ feeling – by doing something thrilling
Why misattribution of arousal – a psychology thing – can turn you on again
So if karaoke scares you…grab a mic!

and click here to read more about this psychological experiment!

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Dr. Cheryl

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