Sex Life Stuck in a Rut? (Here’s how to get out)


Is your love making routine predictable and boring?

In this video, I tell you WHY you may have lost your sexual spark together and how to re-ignite some bedroom fun

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Some of what I cover –

Is your lovemaking what I call Nipple Nipple Crotch Goodnight? If so, it’s time to replace meatloaf with gourmet meals …at least now and then

First, the good news – you ARE making love, and that is more than 30-40% of couples can say

But now and then, you should spice it up – and make some damn effort!

Why many couples – including D&R from my Become Passion program – are sexually uninhibited when they fall in love but get shy later and seriously lose their ability to go crazy in the bedroom – the psychology behind that!

Tips! Start simple – sleep naked, schedule a hot night once a month, and check out my favourite sexy Netflix show for some ideas

How my online immersion couples program guides couples to identify what they want in their sexual life, and how to create that, together.

And more…

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