What Is Tantric Sex and Why Would You Want To Practice It?

Watch this short LoveByte video to learn what you can do to bring Tantric connection into your love life.

Imagine sexuality that connects spirit, psychology, body and mind…

Tantra leads to transcendent orgasmic bliss and an emotional closeness you’ve never felt before.

So what is Tantric Sex and why would you want to practice it?

In today’s video I cover:

How to turn a 7 second orgasm into many minutes of erotic pleasure

What you can do to spread the delicious pleasure of lovemaking through your body, from fingertips to toes

The difference between a typical climax orgasm and a how a Tantric orgasm (a firecracker versus a raging bonfire!)

Two tricks you can try today to begin your exploration of Tantric Sexuality (hint- look deeply, stay present!)

I’ll also tell you what gives my dog panic attacks!

(Don’t worry if you want MORE after watching this – my book describes it more fully and this fall I’m debuting Become Passion – an online course for couples – where we will dive deeply into all aspects of Intimacy, Thrill, and Sensuality!)

Until next time,

Light your Tantric Bonfire!


Dr. Cheryl

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