How To Make Monogamy Hot Again

Have a relationship with the one you are already with.

“My wife wants to open the relationship. Is our marriage over?”

I was asked this question recently. And my answer was – Yes, your marriage is  “over”. But are you willing to start to make a new marriage, a more passionate and fulfilling marriage, together?

What I mean is this. When we are stuck in what I call “Marriage, Inc.” – running the business of our relationship – we can forget to be partners, lovers, and a couple.

I challenge each of us (myself included) to Make Monogamy Hot Again and open our relationship – not to another person, but to the person we are with, in a new, erotic, and passionate way.

Is this easy? No. But it is absolutely possible.

And that is what Loving Mindfully is all about.

For more on this hot topic, read my article here –

Until next time,
Dr. Cheryl

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